Pairing Pothos: 8 Amazing Houseplant Companions

Kelly Garton

Indoor gardening has become increasingly popular in recent years, as more people seek to bring the beauty and benefits of nature into their homes. Pothos, a popular houseplant known for its trailing vines and heart-shaped leaves, is a great choice for those looking to add some greenery to their living space. But did you know that pairing your Pothos with other houseplants can create stunning arrangements and even improve the health of your plants?

In this article, we’ll explore 8 amazing houseplant companions to pair with your Pothos, along with requirements for plants that play well together and additional information on Pothos care. Whether you’re a seasoned indoor gardener or just starting out, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for creating beautiful and thriving plant arrangements.

So let’s dive in and discover how pairing Pothos with other plants can enhance the beauty and health of your indoor garden.

Key Takeaways

  • Planting Pothos with other houseplants adds variety and creates a small microclimate for humidity-loving plants like Pothos.
  • Aroids like Peace Lilies, Chinese Evergreens, and Philodendrons are great companions to plant with Pothos, as well as Snake Plants, Butterfly Palms, and Dracaena varieties.
  • Plants that play well with Pothos need indirect sunlight, lightly moist soil, decent humidity, moderate-to-low pH, and occasional fertilizer.
  • Different types of Pothos can also be planted together to showcase the plant’s diversity.

Plants that Pair Well

The article recommends several types of plants that pair well with Pothos, including aroids, succulents, and Dracaena. These plants share similar growing conditions and create a visually appealing microclimate for humidity-loving plants like Pothos.

Pairing Pothos with companion plants provides a great opportunity for creative arrangements and indoor garden design.

In addition to creating a visually appealing space, pairing Pothos with the recommended companion plants provides a small microclimate that the plants will enjoy. The combination of plants provides a small, humid environment that is ideal for tropical plants like Pothos.

The article highlights the importance of choosing plants that have similar growing requirements to ensure that they thrive together.

Requirements for Companion Plants

Indirect sunlight, lightly moist soil, decent humidity, moderate-to-low pH, and occasional fertilizer are necessary requirements for plants that are compatible with Pothos. To ensure that your indoor garden thrives, it is important to carefully choose the right plants to pair with Pothos. Here are some important considerations to keep in mind when selecting companion plants for your Pothos:

  • Avoid heavy feeders: Since Pothos only needs occasional fertilization, it is important to choose companion plants that have similar nutrient requirements. Avoid heavy feeders that may compete with Pothos for nutrients.

  • Choose plants with similar light requirements: Pothos prefers indirect sunlight, so it is important to choose plants that have similar light requirements. This will ensure that all of the plants in your indoor garden receive the right amount of light to thrive.

  • Select plants that prefer similar soil conditions: Pothos thrives in lightly moist soil with a moderate-to-low pH. Choose companion plants that have similar soil preferences to ensure that all of the plants in your indoor garden are happy and healthy.

  • Consider plants that provide visual contrast: Choosing companion plants that provide visual contrast can create a more interesting and dynamic indoor garden. Look for plants with different leaf shapes, textures, and colors to create a visually appealing display.

Benefits of Planting with Pothos

Combining different species of plants together in an indoor garden can create a visually appealing arrangement and provide a small microclimate that can benefit the growth of certain plants, such as those that appreciate humidity like Pothos.

When Pothos is paired with other houseplants, it creates a small microclimate that plants will enjoy. Being close to other greenery is helpful for tropical plants like Pothos, which thrive in a humid environment. Pairing companion plants with Pothos can create amazing arrangements with proper care and creativity.

Moreover, creating a microclimate for plants not only benefits their growth but also adds visual appeal to the indoor garden. Pairing Pothos with other plants provides a striking contrast in foliage and texture. Different plant species have varying leaf shapes, sizes, and colors that, when combined, create a harmonious and diverse display.

This combination of textures and colors can be used to create eye-catching and innovative displays that add a touch of nature to any indoor space.


Pairing Pothos with Aroids: A Match Made in Indoor Gardening Heaven.

Aroids, including Peace Lilies, Chinese Evergreens, and Philodendrons, are recommended plant species to grow alongside Pothos. Not only do they share similar care requirements, but their contrasting leaf shapes and colors can create a stunning visual effect in any indoor garden.

The Best Aroids to Pair with Pothos for Maximum Visual Impact are the Peace Lily, Chinese Evergreen, and Philodendron. The Peace Lily, with its white flowers and green leaves, can create a striking contrast against the Pothos’ variegated foliage. The Chinese Evergreen, with its dark green leaves and silver markings, can complement the Pothos’ green and yellow leaves. The Philodendron, with its large, glossy leaves, can add a touch of drama and elegance to any arrangement.

With proper care and attention, these aroids can thrive alongside Pothos, creating a lush and vibrant indoor garden.


Succulents are a type of plant that can be grown alongside Pothos in well-aerated soil with careful watering. These plants thrive in warm, dry conditions and can be excellent companions for Pothos in container gardening. Succulents come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, making them a versatile addition to any indoor garden. Some popular succulent options to pair with Pothos include the Jade Plant and Snake Plant.

Watering techniques are crucial when growing succulents alongside Pothos. Unlike Pothos, which prefers lightly moist soil, succulents need a more infrequent watering routine. Overwatering can lead to root rot, so it’s best to allow the soil to dry out completely between watering sessions. Additionally, succulents prefer well-aerated soil that drains quickly. A mixture of sand, perlite, and potting soil can be an excellent option for container gardening with Pothos and succulents.

Overall, succulents can be a fantastic way to add some variety and contrast to a Pothos-heavy indoor garden, as long as proper watering techniques are implemented.


Moving on from succulents, let’s now explore the best tropical plants to pair with Pothos. These plants are known for their love of humidity, making them perfect companions for Pothos. Pairing these plants with Pothos creates a small microclimate that they will all enjoy, and it also adds to the visual appeal of your indoor garden.

When it comes to choosing tropical plants to pair with Pothos, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some of the best options include aroids like Peace Lilies, Chinese Evergreens, and Philodendrons. These plants not only provide the necessary humidity for Pothos, but they also add a touch of elegance to any arrangement.

Additionally, plants like Tradescantia Zebrina and Butterfly Palm can be placed in the same basket as Pothos, providing a good counterpoint to the solid heart shapes of Pothos foliage. When choosing the best placement for Pothos and its companions, it’s important to ensure that they receive indirect sunlight, lightly moist soil, moderate-to-low pH, and occasional fertilizer.

By following these guidelines, you can create a beautiful and thriving indoor garden with Pothos and its companions.

Plants for Vertical Dimension

For those looking to add vertical dimension to their indoor garden, there are several plants that can be paired with Pothos.

Dracaena varieties are a great option as they can grow up to 10 feet tall and have a variety of foliage shapes and colors. They also thrive in similar heat and light conditions as Pothos.

Philodendrons are another great choice, with their trailing vines and heart-shaped leaves. They can be grown together in a shared planter with Pothos or trained to climb a trellis for a DIY vertical garden.

Hanging planters are also a great way to add vertical dimension to an indoor garden. Spider plants are a popular choice for hanging baskets and can be paired with Pothos for a striking visual effect.

Tradescantia Zebrina is another trailing plant that thrives in a humid environment with well-draining soil and moderate doses of fertilizer. With a little creativity and proper care, Pothos can be paired with a variety of plants to create a visually appealing and dynamic indoor garden.

Different Types of Pothos

One aspect to consider when planting indoor gardens is the diversity of Pothos species available. Pothos, also known as Devil’s Ivy, is a popular houseplant due to its easy care and ability to thrive in low-light conditions. However, there are many different types of Pothos available, each with its own unique characteristics and features.

Some popular varieties include the Marble Queen, Neon, and Golden Pothos. Comparing Pothos varieties can be a fun way to add diversity and interest to your indoor garden. The Marble Queen has stunning variegated leaves with shades of green, white, and yellow, while the Neon Pothos has bright, fluorescent green leaves that add a pop of color to any space.

Propagating Pothos cuttings is also an easy way to increase your collection of different Pothos varieties. By taking cuttings from existing plants and propagating them in water or soil, you can create new plants with the same unique characteristics as the parent plant.

Overall, when it comes to Pothos, the possibilities for variety and creativity are endless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Pothos be planted outdoors in a garden or is it strictly an indoor plant?

Outdoor Pothos can be grown in a garden as long as it is in a warm, humid climate and well-draining soil. However, it is best suited for indoor environments due to its care compatibility with low to moderate light and consistent watering.

How often should companion plants be watered when planted with Pothos?

Companion plants planted with Pothos should be watered when the soil moisture levels indicate a need for watering. Frequency can vary depending on the specific plant’s requirements and environmental conditions, but generally, Pothos and its companions prefer lightly moist soil.

Are there any plants that should not be paired with Pothos due to potential conflicts in care requirements?

Potential conflicts in care requirements exist when pairing pothos with heavy feeders, plants that require direct sunlight or wet conditions. Optimal companions for pothos include aroids, spider plants, and dracaena, which share similar soil, light, and humidity requirements. Matching care requirements is crucial for successful pairings.

Can Pothos be propagated along with its companion plants, or should they be propagated separately?

Propagating Pothos with companion plants may not be viable due to differences in growth rates and pruning techniques. Compatibility depends on the species and their individual needs. Pruning should be done separately to avoid damaging either plant.

Can Pothos and its companion plants be grown in hydroponic or aquaponic systems instead of traditional soil-based planting?

Hydroponic compatibility and aquaponic feasibility of growing Pothos with its companion plants have not been extensively studied. However, some species like Peace Lilies and Philodendrons have been successfully grown in hydroponic systems, suggesting potential for Pothos as well. Further research is needed.