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Hi, I’m Kelly Garton, the founder of www.kellygarton.me. I’m dedicated to helping you transform your home into a vibrant oasis with lush greenery and beautiful flowers. At The Healthy Houseplant Hub, we provide comprehensive, precise, and accessible solutions to all your inquiries about indoor plants. We scour the web to find the most common questions people have about houseplants and provide you with straightforward answers. It’s that simple!

Comprehensive: If you’re concerned about your ZZ Plant falling victim to root rot, you deserve thorough guidance on how to address the issue. A brief paragraph in a 300-word “care guide” won’t suffice. Our articles offer detailed remedies for your houseplant problems, accompanied by extensive background information.

Precise: While general information about popular houseplants and care techniques is readily available, finding specific answers about particular plants can be challenging. That’s why we focus each of our articles on a specific type of houseplant, ensuring you find information relevant to your indoor garden.

Accessible: We never assume anything about your level of plant knowledge. Our language is clear and straightforward, and each article begins with a direct answer to your question. If you desire more details, you can delve deeper into the content. In cases where technical terms are necessary, we provide explanations to ensure full comprehension.

Houseplant Assistance for All

Many individuals give up on houseplants after experiencing a few failures. I’m here to tell you that nobody has a “black thumb” – yes, even you, Person Who Couldn’t Keep A Cactus Alive. With the right guidance, you too can cultivate a home brimming with thriving green companions.

Our platform covers advanced topics such as propagating Anthuriums from cuttings or braiding Money Trees, but we present them in a manner that even beginners can grasp. Regardless of your experience level, our goal is for you to finish reading our articles feeling more knowledgeable and confident about nurturing indoor plants.

A Glimpse into My Journey

kelly garton

My house is teeming with plants to the point where my friends question my sanity. But guess who they turn to when their own houseplants encounter troubles? That’s right, me! So, who’s crazy now?! Some of my current favorites include the Money Tree gifted to me by my grandmother, the Euphorbia Trigona cactus that accompanied me through college, and the Bleeding-Heart Vine inherited from my mother-in-law’s mother.

Before venturing into the world of blogging, I successfully ran an eCommerce business for several years. Combining my entrepreneurial skills with my passion for plants, I sold my company and embarked on a full-time blogging journey. Now, I have the privilege of earning a living by sharing my love for fostering growth. I also manage our sister site, Rooting For Blooms. Be sure to check it out if you’re fond of outdoor plants too!

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Transparency is Key

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